Prepare For Nothing But The Bloody Truth!

Posted on: March 13, 2018 in the category latest by Cassie Day

Dracula's Ghost

Dracula’s Ghost by Don’t Go Into The Cellar

When Bram Stoker’s widow welcomes lawyer Mr Leech into her home, there begins a tale of the most feared vampire of all time, of his un-dead life and times, and the remarkable characters he has met down the centuries. An original stage-play concerning the actual story of Count Dracula – prepare for nothing but the bloody truth!

This spine-tingling original theatrical show tracks the vampire king from his destruction at the hands of Van Helsing, through his many incarnations down the centuries. His sole confidante is the grieving widow of Bram Stoker, whose past and future selves are inextricably liked to the count.

Acclaimed actor Jonathan Goodwin plays Dracula, and Sarah Gordon plays Florence Stoker. The show is written by Jonathan Goodwin, and directed by Gary Archer.

‘Don’t Go Into The Cellar are coming back this season with Dracula’s Ghost on Thursday 15th March 7.30pm.