Hello Folks, yay we are back!!!

Let’s start the week beginning 11th Sept which is the kids second week back at school. Give them chance to get settled.

Wednesday 11-12am Little Tots ages 2-4

4-5.45pm Beggar’s Youth Theatre School Yr 4-7

Thursday As discussed, we are going to split the Little Beggar’s group. 3.30-4.30pm reception class and year 1

4.45-6pm Yr 2 and Yr 3

Subs remain the same £40 for a term please.

We won’t run in the holidays and I can’t run on the 20/21 Sept.

Please can all subs be paid up front, feel free to pop in and register beforehand. Max 15 per class (Should you need to discuss payment, please come and see me, don’t NOT allow your child to come, we are accommodating. ) Please remember that the fees are not for me, they are payment towards the building and up keep and staff.

Thanks folks… hope to see you there xxxxx



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