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Moore Arts Millom - Youth Theatre and dance classe in the Lake District town of Millom, Cumbria

HI Folks,

Just a heads up to remind you all that we are back up and running for 2019 and Youth Theatre classes begin again, tonight Beggar’s Youth Theatre for Juniors 4-5.45pm. and tomorrow, Little Beggar’s for Infants 3.30-5pm Subscriptions are due in for this term through to Easter @£40 please.

Really looking forward to seeing all the kids back and working towards a new project.

See you later. Jaks xx

Youth Theatre

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Moore Arts Millom - Youth Theatre and dance classe in the Lake District town of Millom, Cumbria

Hello folks

We start our New Term for our Beggar’s Youth Theatre on week beginning Monday 9th Jan.

Here is your timetable:

Wednesday 12-1pm  Little Tots  Age 2-4 yrs

Wednesday  4-6pm  Beggar’s Youth Theatre  School Yr 4+

Thursday   3.30-5pm  Little Beggar’s  School Yr Reception – Yr 3

Thursday   7-8.30pm  Project Shadow (theatre for young people with additional learning needs)  Age 10+

We have spaces available and welcome everyone.

Cost is £40 per 10 week term (Jan – Easter)

We also have our Adult Creative Writing Course

Tuesday  2-4pm  Beggar’s Wot Write  Ages 16-116!!!

Enquires:  01229 775677 or pop in!

Open Mon – Fri 10am – 5pm.

See ya soon!!

Youth Theatre and Dance classes

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Moore Arts Millom - Youth Theatre and dance classe in the Lake District town of Millom, Cumbria

Lake District Youth Theatre and Dance Classes in Millom, Cumbria

Our Youth Theatre classes will resume from Monday 18th April onwards. Our Junior Drama Group, Mischievous Players is totally full but we do have spaces in our other groups, Little Tots, Little Beggar’s (limited) Dance for Seniors and Juniors and our Beggar’s Actors Youth Theatre group for Seniors… Our Project Shadow group is on with our Bronze Arts Awards and production of “Touched by an Alien”. Our Beggar’s Actors will begin a production of “Missing” a tale about Hansel and Grethal. We are interested in hearing from Young people interested in Acting, Lighting and sound as well as production. Many Thanks.

For details call Jakki at the theatre today on 01229 775677, use the form on our contact us page or

All productions will take place in the summer term.

All Welcome!

Beggar’s Film Club – Jurassic World

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And we are back… Saturday mornings with Film Club! Watch out for all your dates coming up! We can’t do every Saturday at the moment due to gigs but we will let you know what dates are coming up each term.

Starting tomorrow, Saturday 30th January..

Beggar’s Film Club


Take a look at what we have for young people at The Beggar’s by searching Youth!  We are in the process of updating our website so if you have any ideas and are a young person, then come see us! We are not just about getting on stage… there is so  much more to working in the theatre.

Free workshops with schools!

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So this week and last week we have invited the local schools to come and take part in some FREE WORKSHOPS!!

They all arrived and we sat round and introduced ourselves. We then took them on a tour of the Theatre as not many people had been before. After that, the children picked out a costume and had to decide what their character was going to be based on that costume. We had loads of fun creating different scenarios and they thoroughly enjoyed being on the stage in the spotlight.

We then went on to learn a street dance to the very popular “Uptown Funk” which the children went crazy for! They picked up the dance so quickly and we performed it for their teachers with the music up loud and the lights flashing like a disco! It was so lovely to see girls AND boys enjoying themselves dancing, that’s what we love the most!

We are hoping that these free workshops will encourage more children to come along and join our youth theatre classes, especially the boys, as girls definitely outnumber the boys at present!

If you would like any more information, please don’t hesitate to give us a ring on 01229 775677 or email or, we are happy to answer all of your questions!

Hope to see your lovely faces soon 🙂


Love Jess x


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Well our new term starts today with so much to offer each and every one of you! From Pre-school to Adults, we have it all!

I am really excited about our new dance classes starting this term. Every Tuesday at 10.30am we have Pre-school Dance and Play, so bring your child along, they can have a dance and play (with a drink and biscuit too) and you can enjoy a relaxed hour of gossip over a lovely cup of tea or coffee, what’s not to like about that?

Then we have our Boys dance every Tuesday at 4pm, we will be exploring many different forms of dance and working towards a dance show in December!

Our usual classes will be back too starting today with Infant’s Dance at 3.45pm, then Senior’s Dance at 5pm and then finishing off the day with our Adult Strictly Class at 7.30pm.

Junior’s Dance will start back on Wednesday at 5pm where we will be working towards our dance show.

We are aiming to do two dances per class this year for our show which has an “Animal” theme so all the songs used will have an animal in the title!

As this term is a 12 week term, we will still be offering you the classes at the normal price (£30 for infants dance and £35 for Juniors, Seniors and Boys) which means you will be getting 2 weeks FREE! We do not charge for any extra rehearsals we may need for the show but we do ask that you provide the relevant costumes for the show!

We look forward to seeing you all very soon,

Love Jess x

moore arts

Welcome Back Guys!!

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Here it is folks as promised our new term time table… Starting Monday 14th September!

Where has this year gone??

Suppose time does fly when you’re having fun!!

12 Weeks for the price of 10, First 2 weeks are *FREE* we would like to invite new members to come along and take part in our classes for the first two weeks for free as a taster, Whether that be Theatre or Dance. Or if you’re feeling adventurous why not come along to both?

All our classes will be running as normal on the usual days and times with a couple more added in there. However, this term each class will be working towards and end of term performance. 

MAM flyer a4 17.8.15-page-001

All Classes £35 Per Term (10 Weeks)  

Infant Dance £30 Per Term (10 Weeks)

Any Additional Classes are £20 Per Term 

Dance and Play and Little Tots Both £3.50 per session 

For any more information, please give us a call on 01229 775677, Email us at or Pop into the theatre and see us 🙂

We can’t wait to see you all again, love  Jaks, Jess and Cassie xx

Summer @ The Beggar’s Theatre!!

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Summer Holidays are here already, where has the time gone??

We have a fantastic programme set up for the holidays including our Free Film Clubs plus various exciting workshops.

The workshops will be open to all existing youth theatre members and new members too! We love to see new faces here at the Theatre!

With so much to chose from we suggest you book in advance, take a look at the programme below and if you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us at The Theatre on 01229 775677.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Jess 🙂

Sat 24th Jan 2015 8pm

The Beggar’s Theatre

Summer Programme at The Beggar’s Theatre



Friday 21st August 1pm – Film Club FREE


Theatre/Dance Workshops

Friday 7th August 10am-12pm – Infants and Juniors, £3

Friday 21st August 10am-12pm – Infants and Juniors, £3


Dance, Music and Design Workshops

Monday 10th August 11am-4pm– Dance workshop, year 3+, £5 a day or £20 for full week

Tuesday 11th August 11am-4pm – Dance and Music workshop

Wednesday 12th August 11am-4pm – Dance, Design and Music workshop

Thursday 13th August 11am-4pm – Dance, Design and Music workshop

Friday 14th August 11am-4pm – Dance show rehearsals

Friday 14th August 7pm – Dance show and Family Disco


Film Workshop – Writing and Production Pilot Project

Tuesday 1st September 11am-4pm –  Year 4+, exploring story lines, writing for film and acting for film,

£5 a day or £20 for full project.

Wednesday 2nd September 11am-4pm – a.m. writing, p.m. rehearsing

Thursday 3rd September 11am-4pm – Filming

Friday 4th September 11am-4pm –Filming

Monday 7th September 11am-4pm –Filming if needed!!


Please bring a packed lunch for the workshops.

Limited places please book in advance! Call 01229 775677 to book or enquire!


Youth Theatre Weekly Classes

Monday 14th September – New term starts, youth theatre classes start back

All classes will remain at the same time and on the same day as usual but the structure of the classes will be changing.

We will keep you informed over the summer via Facebook, Twitter and our website!! We will also send you emails if you are not on social media sites!

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Dance @ Moore Arts: Millom, The Beggar’s Theatre!

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Hi Folks Jess here,

Here is my first Blog about what we get up to in our Dance Classes .  Here at Moore Arts: Millom, The Beggar’s Theatre, we offer a range of dance classes for all abilities. We start at age 4 and go right up to our Strictly dance class for Adults! We aim to encourage the children to learn new things but also have their own input into choreography. Over the years our dance classes have expanded and so has the variety of dance we offer. The Infant dancers (Reception-Year 2) have been  ‘Cats‘ this term, the Junior dancers (Year 3 – Year 6) have been ‘Cheer Leaders’ and the Seniors dancers (Year 7+) have been focussing on Michael Jackson’s Beat It’. My lovely group of ladies and gentleman in my Strictly Dance class have been dancing the Foxtrot, Waltz, Cha Cha Cha and Salsa.

We do have spaces available in all our classes at the moment, if you would like some more information, give us a call on 01229 775677 or find us on Facebook and Twitter!!


Be lovely to see some new faces in the Autumn.


jess xx

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Youth Theatre For All

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Moore Arts: Millom Youth Theatre.  The Beggar’s Theatre, Millom, Cumbria. The Lake District.  Ages 2-Adult

Moore Arts: Millom runs term time and various workshops in the holidays.

All classes are listed on our leaflet and maybe subject to change each term.  Please contact us for further information.  01229 775677

Spaces are limited but please do not hesitate to contact us for any information.

All Classes are charged at £35 per 10 week term.

Holiday workshops are charged individually.

We like to take our members to see theatre shows whenever possible and keep the cost down to the absolute minimum we can.  We also encourage all of our members and their families to visit the theatre and enjoy the variety of shows touring to and presented by The Beggar’s.  We are a charity organisation, we are here to benefit the community and all costs are invested directly back into the activities for the community, in particular, the young people of Millom and Surrounding Areas.

We offer Theatre, Dance, Drumming and Technical classes from age 2 – adults.  We welcome new members.

Pop in and see what you think!

We encourage you to come along to your first class before you pay, if you like it, then we ask for payment per term up front please.

We are All Inclusive, therefore please do speak to us anytime for further information or to discuss payment plans or any problems with payment or issues.